Member Charter

Our commitment to you

To improve your experience, we commit to a Member Charter which is provided by the team responsible for administering benefits payable from the GEC 1972 Plan. It will tell you:

  • how you can contact us
  • how we will respond
  • how we will process your enquiries
  • what our key service standards are
  • what to do if you have a complaint or are unhappy with our service.

The Member Charter is written in plain English and is available to view and download below for total transparency to you, the member.

Mission Statement

The Trustee of the GEC 1972 Plan is committed to providing a high quality pension service to members by:

  • Administering pensions provision for members in accordance with statutory requirements and the Rules of the Plan
  • Providing efficient and high quality pension administration
  • Delivering a first class, accurate and timely service to each scheme member and any dependant throughout their lifetimes.

Key Service Standards

During Your Membership

Throughout the period of your membership there will be certain tasks concerning the administration of your pension that we carry out regularly and other tasks that we carry out at the request of yourself or authorised third parties on an "as and when required" basis. The following are our service standards for the key areas of work that we carry out.

General Enquiries

General enquiries from you or an authorised third party representative will be processed within ten working days of receipt.

Retirement Benefit Estimates

Requests for estimates of retirement benefits will be processed within five working days of receipt.

Retirement Benefits

Your annual retirement pension:

  • We will write to you within five working days of receipt of the necessary retirement documentation.
  • When we receive your documentation your first payment will be paid, together with any lump sum, into your bank account on or around your chosen retirement date.

Death Benefits

We will process the associated benefits as follows:

Lump Sum Benefit (if applicable):

This will be paid to the relevant beneficiaries within five working days of receipt of all the necessary documentation.

Dependants’ Pensions:

Written details will be sent to your dependant within five working days of receipt of all the necessary documentation.

Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

Requests for information regarding member AVCs will be processed within ten working days of receipt.

Pension Rights on Divorce

Requests for details of the cash equivalent value of your pension rights, for use in Divorce Court proceedings, will be processed within ten working days of receipt.

How to get in touch

Click here to contact us.

How you can help when you contact us

To help our staff deal quickly and efficiently with your enquiry please give as much information as possible about yourself at the time you make the enquiry. Our main method of identifying you, the member, is by your National Insurance number so the best way to ensure we find your record without delay is to include this in any letter, fax or e-mail or to have it available if you telephone or visit us.
If you are not able to give us your National Insurance number, please give as much detail as possible about your employment and include your full name, date of birth and any previous names you may have had.
We receive many requests for personal and/or financial information by both telephone and letter, but are limited on what can be supplied.
No financial information can be given over the telephone to your representative as we have no way of knowing the caller is genuine.
Written requests for financial information will be responded to if the letter carries your signature or if a written authority to release the information to a third party is enclosed. This must be dated within the last six months.
Please try to remember this when asking anyone to write or telephone on your behalf as without this authority delays could result.

If you call our helpline

  • We will answer the telephone in a polite and courteous manner, tell you to whom you are speaking and advise that you have called the telent Pensions helpline.
  • We will handle your enquiry in a private and confidential environment.
  • We will endeavour to answer your enquiry immediately if at all possible.
  • We will give you the information you require, if at all possible, whilst you wait.
  • We will tell you why your enquiry cannot be dealt with immediately if it cannot be.
  • Tell you when we expect to have an answer for you and ask whether you would prefer a return call or written response.

The helpline is open 09:00 to 17:00 hours Monday to Friday.

If you write or email

We will respond with the information you require within our agreed service standards, unless we require further information from a third party before we are able to do so.
Where further information is required, we will request this within the agreed service standard and then chase on a regular basis.

If we have to contact you

There may be occasions when we have to contact you.
If we telephone we will:

  • Do so during normal office hours
  • Explain clearly and politely why we are telephoning
  • Enquire whether it is a convenient time for you
  • Arrange to ring you back at a more suitable time if it is not.

If we write to you we will:
Strive to make the information being sent easy to understand and useful
Be available by telephone to further explain contents of the letter if necessary.

Telling us what you think about our service

Proving feedback on our service

You will have the opportunity to provide feedback on your experience of dealing with the Administration Team:

  • At the end of a call to the helpline
  • When a membership event is completed (e.g on retirement)
  • At any time, via the Member Website.

Data on all feedback, compliments and complaints are fed to the Trustee to help ensure the continuous improvement of service to members.

Raising any issues

Whilst we always try to do things accurately and on time we recognise that things can, and sometimes do, go wrong. If, in your opinion, we have not fulfilled your expectations of those promised in this Charter, then there are several courses of actions you can take.
Initially you should call the helpline and ask for the telent Pensions Team Leader. They will be able to deal with your problem and to put things right if they can, or to reach an amicable solution with you.
If no solution has been found and you wish to make a formal complaint then you should write in the first instance to Equiniti direct.
The address is:
telent Pensions, Equiniti, Sutherland House, Russell Way, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 1UH.
If you make a formal complaint we will:

  • Log and track the resolution of the complaint through to a conclusion
  • Report this to the Trustee of the Pension Scheme
  • Acknowledge your complaint in writing within two working days of its receipt
  • Provide you with a full explanation within ten working days.

If you remain unsatisfied with our response you can raise your complaint via the Internal Resolutions Procedure (IDRP) which can be found here.