Waves And Sunset

Member Nominated Directors

andy-barker Andy Barker

I spent 33 years working in Plessey, GPT, Marconi & Ericsson in Optical telecommunications in one form or another. I started life as a hardware/software design engineer, and finished working in Systems Design as the UK Telecoms Systems Manager for Ericsson. In that time I became a chartered engineer, and a fellow of the IET. I am a life time avid supporter of pension schemes, and became a member of the ‘GEC 1972 Scheme’ in 1991, as a result of the merger of Plessey Telecommunications and GEC to form GPT, later Marconi Communications. I served on the PCC during this time, becoming a Trustee of the scheme in 2004. The acquisition of Marconi by Ericsson resulted in my stepping down as a Trustee in late 2006, and becoming a Trustee of the Ericsson Marconi Pension Plan just after its formation. This scheme was set up as a ‘mirror image’ of the GEC scheme for ex-Marconi employees. In total I now have over 9 years experience as a pensions trustee. With Ericsson withdrawing R&D from the UK in 2010, and largely closing the Ansty site, I left Ericsson, and have pensions in both schemes.

Linda Mawson

The majority of my working life has been spent in Telecommunications. I joined Plessey in Beeston in 1980 as a software engineer and have subsequently worked for GPT, Marconi & Ericsson.  

I enjoyed working on the hugely successful iSDX product. I then moved into senior software and project management roles, based at both Coventry and Liverpool. Over the years, I have worked on System X and on the early development of Voice-Over-IP technology.  After Ericsson closed its R&D activities in the UK, I left to join a small but fast-growing Fintech company in Nottingham as Operations and Technical director. After 5 years in that post, I retired in 2016.

Whist at Ericsson, I became a pension trustee in 2008 and I continue in that role today.  As trustees, we are responsible for two final salary schemes, one of which is very similar to the GEC scheme. I became a member of the PCC in 2012 and then in 2016 I became chair of the PCC. I have pensions in both the GEC scheme and the Ericsson scheme.

I have a long-standing interest in pensions and I am very enthusiastic and committed to represent the interests of members, many of whom are friends and colleagues. My primary aim is to ensure that the scheme is in a position to pay the benefits in full. 

As well as an engineering background I have also trained as a lawyer, which has proven useful in the world of pensions.