Waves And Sunset

Company Appointed Directors

kevin-smith Kevin Smith

Kevin is a Chartered Secretary and held a number of senior company secretarial positions from 1986, all of which included pensions experience.He joined Marconi plc as Deputy Secretary in February 2003 and became Company Secretary of telent plc in September 2006. He left the company in July 2011 and was then appointed to the Board of SPT in September 2011.

mike-surrey Mike Surrey

My background in accountancy gives me a sound basis for understanding how the Plan works, what we are aiming to achieve and what we need to do. I have a 16 year history with the company, with GPT, Marconi and then helping to start up telent. This means I know a lot of pension fund members and welcome their views and concerns on the plan. Listening to members is an important job, which is one reason why I think the member nominated directors have an important perspective.