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Pensions Consultative Committee

Functions of the Pensions Consultative Committee (PCC)

The Pensions Consultative Committee (PCC) is a committee elected by Plan members to represent them, consult on matters regarding the Plan, and select Member Nominated Directors (MNDs).

There are three Member Nominated Directors (MNDs) elected from the PCC Membership to serve on the Board of Stanhope Pension Trust Limited.

Their roles are to:

  • Consult with telent and SPT on matters relating to the Plan and its members.
  • Assist telent and SPT in the communication of information to members.
  • Represent the views of all Plan members as to matters affecting their interests.

Elected Members

The PCC generally consists of 24 members elected from the deferred and pensioner groups. The member groups are further sub-divided by geographical area.

Numbers may vary depending on actual nominations received. The Board of SPT has discretion to permit fewer than 24 members, if there are insufficient nominations. It may also, with the agreement of telent, permit slightly more than 24 if this were to avoid an unnecessary ballot.

For further information and to see the current list of all those who were successfully nominated to the PCC please log onto the Member's Secure Area.


The Pensions Office acts as Returning Officer, with responsibility for the calling of nominations and the conducting of elections.

All Plan members may propose, for election to the PCC, either themselves or another Plan member belonging to their respective member group. Each nominee must be supported by four other Plan members from their own member group, but not necessarily from their own geographical area. Plan members may only give their support to one nomination and such nominations may be made either in writing or by e-mail.

The PCC Constitution and Terms of Reference

Please click on the following to view the full PCC Constitution and Terms of Reference.