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Member Nominated Director election (Oct 2012)

Mon 01 Oct 2012

Member Nominated Director election (Oct 12)

Three of the nine members of the Board of the Trustee, SPT Ltd, are Member Nominated Directors (MNDs), selected by the Pensions Consultative Committee.

MNDs normally serve for a term of four years.  This October, the term of office of John Leaney, who has been an MND since 2004, came to an end.  The PCC therefore held an election  on 3rd October, and as a result, John has stood down from the Board and he is replaced by Andy Barker.

John has served the Plan diligently through some highly challenging times, including the sale of the majority of Marconi’s business to Ericsson, the acquisition of telent by Pension Corporation, and the closure of the Plan to future accrual.  He has always been a highly committed member of the Board, dedicated to protecting the interests of members.

Andy returns to the Board, having previously been a director between 2004 and 2006. He left when his employment transferred to Ericsson, but he has remained a member of the Plan.

I would like, on behalf of myself and my fellow directors, to thank John for his service to the Plan, and to welcome Andy back on board.

Brian Duffin