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Transfer your benefits elsewhere

It is possible to transfer all or part of your GEC pension to either a personal pension or a scheme provided by your current employer.

Before doing this it is important that you seek appropriate advice from a suitably qualified person. If you do not have an independent financial adviser (IFA) you can find details of ones in your area on http://www.unbiased.co.uk/.

To obtain a transfer value quotation please complete a transfer value request form and send it to us.

We will require your, our member’s, signature to be able to release details to a third party so please include this if you want us to send things straight to your IFA.

Once we have your authority we will issue a transfer value quotation together with all the forms that need to be completed and returned before the transfer value can be paid.

The letter you receive will explain that the quotation is only guaranteed for a limited period so if you want to proceed you must return everything to us before the guarantee expires or it may be subject to recalculation.

You are entitled to one transfer value quotation in any 12 month period free of charge. Any requests for further quotations within 12 months will be chargeable. Please contact us for details.